Going Social to Help Change Lives

The power and influence of social media communities has been witnessed through the exponential growth of headliners like Facebook and Twitter over the last 24 months. With the rest of the world migrating to online, diverse virtual communities are continuing to grow at astounding rates, creating myriad opportunities for local and international brands and businesses alike.

Social commerce is booming, and online retailers like Amazon.com are racing to leverage the power of communities to drive growth and accelerate expansion. This holiday season, you can use the power of online social communities to make meaningful and significant changes in the lives of those in need across the globe.

SoftCity utilizes an innovative two-pronged approach, including a thriving social community, known as the SoftCity Cafe, and an open e-commerce store, the SoftCity Marketplace. Users are rewarded with SoftDollars for contributing comments, writing articles, asking and responding to questions, giving feedback, and participating in SoftCity activities. These SoftDollars can be used towards the purchase of discounted software – the more SoftDollars, the bigger the discount.

SoftCity Logo

SoftCity has initiated a charitable effort, dubbed “Secret Santa”, in which users can donate their SoftDollars earned in the Cafe to a select group of distinguished charities. SoftCity has raised over one million SoftDollars in just three weeks, which will be awarded to the charities in the form of thousands of dollars of free software that can be used to improve education, teach vocational skills, and advance industrial projects.

The power of online communities can be harnessed and cultivated for financial growth and expansion, and Web 2.0 continues to validate this every day. SoftCity is proving that these same online communities can be leveraged to make meaningful changes in the lives of others through many of the same practices.

Community Service

To earn SoftDollars that can be donated to charity and join a thriving interactive community of business, technology, and creative lifestyle enthusiasts, open a free SoftCity account here. Additional SoftDollars are earned with each vote for Let’s Chat Business in the SoftCity “Battle of the Blogs 2010.”

Vote here once per day and “Like” Let’s Chat Business in the SoftCity Battle of the Blogs to be entered into a daily Amazon.com gift card giveaway and for a chance to win one of 6 Apple iPods. The contest ends December 30th, 2010, so remember to vote once per day.

Happy holidays from Let’s Chat Business!


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