With Kinect, Xbox 360 Is Back

[UPDATE]: Microsoft has changed its tune, announcing it is now “excited” about the Kinect hacks. This surely will endear consumers more than their initial reaction, which included a note that the company was “working closely with law enforcement” to prevent hacks of the device.

Microsoft’s original Xbox was a commercial success, and the incredibly popular Xbox 360 helped guide a video game revolution, but recent competitor’s products have pushed Microsoft’s consoles to the backburner. Product malfunctions like the “red ring of death” have further damaged the tech giant’s public image. This holiday season marks a significant turnaround for Microsoft and the Xbox 360.

The disruptive motion-controller technology that debuted on the Wii helped stage Nintendo’s resurgence one laugh-filled family room at a time. Microsoft has taken everything that made the Wii successful and improved upon it. The remote-free motion-sensing camera on Kinect has inspired hundreds of Minority Report fantasies, and it looks as though a hacker may have made it a reality. (Update: Microsoft isn’t pleased with the reported “hack”). While most of us won’t be resizing files and shooting documents from screen to screen with our hands (yet), Kinect is an impressive innovation, and it is going to change the entire landscape of the video game industry.

Xbox 360 with KinectMinority Report

The Xbox 360 is experiencing a surge back to dominance with blockbuster game hits like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Kinect can only expand the market. Critics love to berate Microsoft, but it seems mum is the word when it comes to the Kinect.

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