Toyota: Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Toyota is experiencing one of the most difficult public relations nightmares a company can face: a concern for the safety of their products. The pandemic-like spread of the news of brake failures, recaclls, and stuck accelerators has plagued the carmaker in recent weeks, and the company is in overdrive attempting to resolve the technical problems, but perhaps more importantly, their public image.

Rather than attempt to hide from the issues and attempt to refocus consumers as time passes, they have taken the approach of confronting safety issues with customer testimonials. With news today of a runaway Prius speeding out of control on a California highway dominating headlines, Toyota is revving up advertising that attempts to calm customer fears by focusing on the people involved with the company. Assembly line workers, dealers, and customers have been seen and heard in television, radio, and online advertisements.

This active approach attempts to confront the issue, solve the problem, and move forward in a calculated and pragmatic manner. The advertisement below, seen on the Yahoo! homepage, draws attention away from negative headlines, replacing them with positive customer experiences.

What do you think of this strategy? Does it reassure your confidence in Toyota? Leave a comment and share what you think!

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