Three Easy Ways to Promote Your Brand For Free – Pt. 1

The massive amount of buzz surrounding the release of Apple’s new tablet computer, the iPad, has spread like wildfire through nearly every magazine, news program, blog, and social networking site. It’s no secret that Apple has mastered the art of product promotion, brand recognition, and advertising effectiveness. Not every company, however, has the scope, resources, or skills that Apple does to generate this seemingly ubiquitous buzz about their products and services. For most businesses, especially in these economic times, it is simply a lack of adequate capital to fund a high-quality, wide-reaching marketing campaign. Alas, not all is lost!

If you take advantage of a few highly effective and readily accessible resources, you can begin to catapult your brand and your business to the next level of development and success. Over the next few days, I’ll discuss three quick, free, and most importantly, effective methods to spread your message and grow your brand awareness.

Part 1) Hop on the social networking bandwagon:

If you haven’t yet created accounts for your business on the web’s most popular social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), you are missing out on a uniquely effect powerful tool to extend your company’s reach. These sites provide free access to literally hundreds of millions of potential customers. Beyond the advertising platform the site offers, Facebook allows you to create a dedicated page for your company. Your business can directly communicate with past, current, and future customers – responding to feedback, gauging changes in attitudes and desires, and informing them of new products, discounts, and events. Create interactive platforms for users to participate in, fostering personal identification with your brand.

Twitter has become the media darling in the past two years, and you would be hard-pressed to find a celebrity, friend, family member, or colleague that doesn’t tweet (or perhaps for the less-experienced ones, “twit”) the everyday thoughts and experiences in their lives. Businesses are starting to dive into the primitive science of Twitter Marketing as a fun, fresh, and easy way to communicate their brand to their customers in 140 characters or less. Offering exclusive discounts to Twitter users not only can increase your sales, but it can foster a sense of belonging and inclusion that is vital to building brand loyalty with your customers.

Among the many benefits of Twitter is the availability of the Trending Topics tool. This week, Twitter unveiled the Local Trending Topics feature, enabling users to dial in to the hot topics in their city. Not only does this offer your business the opportunity to capitalize upon current trends to better target your products and services, it allows you access to instant market research in areas you may be looking to expand to. Remember, the more knowledge and data that you have access to, the better you can calculate your company’s strategic vision.

While it may be tempting to discount social networking as a marketing tool because of its seemingly informal atmosphere, it is important to recognize that if properly utilized, these entirely free sites offer the opportunity to spread your brand’s image, grow your customer base, and increase sales of your products and services. Sites that can be updated on-the-go like Facebook and Twitter can provide your business with increased visibility, raw data, customer interaction, and platforms for promotion – all for free! Utilize them properly and you can expand your business, big or small, faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.


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