Get Free Press By…Interviewing the Press?

Recently, Yahoo! scored some free press when about 600 employees (including CEO Carol Bartz) turned the tables on the tech giant’s self-proclaimed “obsessive” Wall Street Journal media reporter, Kara Swisher ( The standing-room-only event was the first in the company’s new speaker series titled “Yahoo From the Outside In”, offered employees, often hounded for inside information by Swisher, and opportunity to pry into Kara’s business for a change.

Photo courtesy of AllThingsD

An event like this can not only boost employee morale and foster a better and more complete understanding of both perspectives, but it can also provide the company with some easy media coverage. After all, I’m talking about it, and you’re reading about it. In this prior post detailing how a company can promote itself for free, I touched on the idea that interacting with the press can boost awareness for the business. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it’s accomplishing the same goal in an innovative manner.

For more coverage on the event and to view her original posting, visit Kara Swisher (@karaswisher) on the web at:

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